CHARON LIGHT2 ­–small-size automated thermal sighting system, which is realizing functions of sight, red-dot sight, thermal imaging monocular, rangefinder and ballistic calculator, provides a comfortable overview of the area, searching, detection and aimed firing at distances up to 600 meters.

CHARON LIGHT2 designed for civil or military purposes, can be settled on small arms and opens new capabilities for detecting of camouflaged, partially concealed by landscape of area thermal contrast targets at day or night, in rain, snow, fog, dust storm, heat and other adverse weather conditions. Integrated ballistic calculator will automatically move an aiming reticle considering of the range and elevation angle of target, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity and ballistic data of used ammunition. All that remains to be done by user is to coinside center of the aiming mark with target and pull the trigger.

CHARON LIGHT2 – is a modern hi-tech element base of the electronic unit and advanced functional capabilities in one compact device. Thermal imaging sensor, Linux OS based computer, ballistic calculator, OLED screen, GPS module, 3-axis gyro sensor, G meter, electronic compass, auxiliary sensors, audio and video recorders, interfaces of remote control, communication and data transfer are integrated into compact high-strength sealed aluminum-magnesium alloy case.

CHARON LIGHT2 optionally equipped with:

  • Laser rangefinder of IR&D company, which can be mounted up on the sight or the weapon’s foregrip and connects with the ballistic module by wire or telemetric radio channel;
  • IR&D Windmaster meteorological station with ultrasonic sensor of wind speed and direction (without vane and impeller), pressure, air temperature and humidity sensor;
  • Application for target coordinates calculation and its displaying at the electronic map, which is installed to smartphones or tablets (iOS / Android);

Easy to use, versatile and multifunctional CHARON LIGHT2 is perfect as a standalone thermal sight or observation device.

Optical system
Lens 35 mm f/1.5
Zoom x2, x4, x8, x16
Field of view, 0 8,9 х 6,7
Field of view, m for 100 m / yd for 109 yd 15,5 x 11,7 / 16,9 х 12,8
Minimal click value, mm, for 100 m 2,4
Human detection range, m/yd 1140 / 1247
Human recognition range, m/yd 280 / 306
Human identification range, m/yd 142 / 155
Sight mode/ballistics
Maximal shooting range, m/yd 600 / 656
Data base for 8 types of rifles +
Data base for 3 types of ammunition to a rifle +
Built-in ballistic calculator +
Table ballistic calculator +
Automatic reticle correction for distance, elevation adjustment, atmosphere (temperature, pressure, humidity) +, atmospheric parameters are entered manually or with a weather station
Rifle zeroing with one shot +
Selection of a rifle zeroing distance (10 – 300 m) +
Selection of a reticle type and brightness +
Thermal sensor
Type uncooled microbolometer
Resolution 336×254
Pixel size 17 µm
Spectral range 7.5 – 13.5 µm
Frame rate PAL/NTSC, Hz 8.3/7.5; 25/30; 50/60
NEdT, F1.0 < 50 mK
Monochrome and colour palletes Yes, 12 modes
Sensor calibration Auto, by lens cap
Connection of an external rangefinder (via radio) Yes, option
Resolution 800х600
Eye relief 60 mm
Diopter adjustment ±3 diopters
USB microUSB
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth +
Radio interface, 2.4 GHz +
Additional functions
Internal flash memory Yes, 4 Gb
Audio, video, photo recording +
Data reading of a microSD or internal memory via USB +
Firmware upgrade via USB, microSD +
Streaming video transmission via Wi-Fi +
Setting and control via Wi-Fi +
Connection of additional devices (remote, wind station, etc.) via a radio channel +
Profile settings Yes, 5
Setting via IR&D software +
Quick menu +
Buit-in navigation and mapping +
Self-location and target location on the integrated map +
Picture in picture mode +
Target size measurement +
Video recording modes Per shot, per motion detection, manually
Power saving modes +
Integrated motion detector +
Digital image gyrostabilization +
System settings
Switch-on time Within 15 sec
Battery life > 2 hrs (at 0°С)
Battery type 2x CR123A or 2х 16340
Input for an external power supply +
Range of the external power supply voltage, V 5 ± 0.3
Integrated sensors
Shot sensor +
Rest  sensor +
Free Fall sensor +
Elevation sensor +
Roll angle sensor +
Switch-off timer +
GPS module +
Digital compass +
Gyroscope +
Physical parameters
Operating temperature range -45°C … +65°C
Ingress protection rating (Waterproof) IP66
Housing material Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Dimensions, mm 181 x 63 x 51
Weight (without batteries), g 197


  • IR&D high-selective rangefinder operation modes: through semi-transparent obstacles, in fog, dust-storm and under the other adverse weather conditions within 10 – 2000 meters range;
  • Built-in GLONASS/GPS module and electronic compass;
  • Built-in sensors: shot, steady state, roll, elevation, free fall, 3-axis gyro sensor, and G meter;
  • Automatic calculation of external ballistics of a bullet for up to 600 meters range;
  • Shooting by the reticle center – auto correction of a reticle position calculated under:
  • Target range;
  • Elevation;
  • Air pressure, temperature, and humidity;
  • Bullet ballistic data.
  • Innovative aiming mode enabling erratic moving target shooting with the image stabilized;
  • Image stabilization in the surveillance mode (shaking hands or a moving vehicle);
  • Motion detection: any warm-blooded target detected in motion is signaled by blinking on the display, Bluetooth voice prompt, and vibration of the wristband remote control (security function);
  • Target size up: once the distance to the target is measured or entered, with any zoom value, using a graphic ruler, it enables you to visually make out your target accurate linear dimensions, without any mathematical calculations;
  • Automatic target size up:enables to size up accurate linear dimensions of a warm-blooded target, given the rangefinder ranging (only with the rangefinder installed);
  • Front Focus software: the reticle and target are magnified simultaneously when zooming, that enables to, using the reticle in MIL/MOA,
  • Correct your shooting by the moving aiming point adjustment;
  • Define the distance to the target, given the target angle dimensions (with the rangefinder passive);
  • Size up the target, given the range.
  • Thermal red-dot sight mode for quick shooting in a wide field of view;
  • PIP (picture-in-picture) enables comfortable aiming, with any zoom available, and simultaneous control of the field of view on the panoramic view display (electronic red dot sight);
  • iOS / Android smartphone or tablet application for target coordinates calculation and their display on the electronic map (option);
  • Automatic target position calculation (in terms of range, elevation, azimuth, and shooter’s position);
  • Navigational service including target hit routing;
  • One-shot zeroing mode;
  • Zeroing correction mode: click value selection by zooming; (smallest value with maximum zoom);
  • Scoring of shots for every ammo and rifle;
  • Ballistic data base and zeroing information for three ammunition per each of eight rifles (every time the sighting system is reinstalled to a different weapon, it suffices to select the earlier rifle and ammo profile);
  • Variety of profiles allows integration and saving of numerous personal settings. User can swiftly select any profile best fitting his/her shooting conditions (time of day, weather, terrain);
  • In-house brackets are proprietary; robust mounting properties for any integrated weapon; no recurrent zeroing – optional;
  • Place to mount a red-dot sight (additional aiming tool);
  • External power unit (optional);
  • Connection of wireless accessories via telemetric radio channel:
  • IR&D wristband remote control and signaling unit – optional;
  • IR&D Windmaster weather station equipped with ultrasound wind speed and direction meter, and air pressure, temperature and humidity sensor (wind vane or impeller-free) -optional;
  • Kestrel meter – optional;
  • Bluetooth set for voice guide through operational modes and calculations – optional;
  • Helmet-mounted displays – optional.
  • Target pointers – optional;
  • «Friend-or-foe» system – optional;
  • Rangefinder beam detector – optional;
  • Photo and video recording including telemetric data overlapping; (4 GB built-in memory);
  • Automatic event-contingent video recording: “shot” or “detected motion”, with the “pre- and post-event” time lag setting option;
  • Automatic photo recording of a shot;
  • Video streaming, including telemetric data overlapping, via WI-FI to iOS, Android gadgets (smartphones, tablets);
  • Photo and video referencing to a digital terrain map (geotagging);
  • Device presetting and control using IR&D Operator application designed for smartphones and tablets (iOS / Android);
  • Database backup to the device memory;
  • Independent software updates via the manufacturer’s site (new functions and sophisticated software);
  • Customization under specifications;
  • Interface in English, German, French, Spanish. Customized language interface – optional;
  • Online servicing, consulting and training, 24/7 client support.