TERA is a smart clip-on thermal sighting system to be used as a shooting system component: a rifle and a scope. TERA ensures a hit ratio beyond any comparison along with top comfort  conditions  at  search,  detection,  and  automatic calculation   of   elevation   and   windage   corrections   for warm-contrasting targets, day or night under any weather conditions.

TERA utilizes your scope potential to the maximum extent possible and push the boundaries beyond what other thermal imaging clip-on devices could ever offer.

  • An uncommon optical designing scheme of the device, where, along with the 100-mm focal length lens, the eyepiece focus is 100 mm; and, in order to benefit from the length much shortened, we have come up with a solution of double-folded optical path of the eyepiece which allows to have an extremely short length with the clip-on device of ordinary 100-mm length;
  • Innovative methods of processing and transformation of thermal images that completely eliminate the night zero effect allow mounting TERA in the front of the scope without having to zero the device again;
  • Motorized focus adjustment. Automatic and manual (remote) focus adjustment mode as well as automatic focus adjustment depending on a distance measured by the rangefinder.

For the first time does the clip-on thermal sighting system display a precision shot solution implemented through an electronic dot to be superposed over the scope reticle and  that matches with a hit point found  by  the  ballistic  calculator  (and  the  shooter  can  go  without  the elevation or windage knobs to be rotated).

TERA means innovative design and excellent performance, state-of- art component capabilities and breakthrough technology. A compact casing made of high-strength aluminium and magnesium alloy houses  a  high-resolution  thermal  core,  a  high-selective  laser  rangefinder, a Linux OS computer, a global navigational satellite system module, a 3-axis gyroscope and an accelerometer, an electronic compass, a ballistic calculator, and remote control, communication and data transmission interfaces.

TERA  is  a  thermal  clip-on  sighting  system  where  every  single  process – from the preparation stage up to firing – is automated. With the high-sensitive thermal device, detection of any target, even hidden behind the vegetation, is easy; while the high-selective laser rangefinder will not fail to measure any distance under any complicated conditions, whether it’s rain, snow, fog, dust storm, high humidity or heat. The ballistic  calculator  will  automatically  shift  the  target  reticle  with  due  account of the range, the elevation angle, air pressure, temperature and air humidity, as well as ammo ballistic data, wind velocity and direction, drift and Coriolis effect.

All you need to do is to have the reticle and your target superposed and pull the trigger. After that, you just use the navigational service to determine the hit positioning data and settle a route towards the target.

Proved by harsh qualification tests and being in line with the stringent standards, TERA embraces every high-end technology possible, along with our long-term experience, and has raised the bar high across the thermal imaging sight engineering area.

Impressive with its opportunities, user-friendly, designed by shooters for shooters, not only does TERA take into account but also anticipates wishes of the most demanding users, and suggests itself as one of the most efficient all-purpose thermal clip-on devices among those available on the world market today.

Optical system
Lens 100 mm f/1.25
Optical zoom x1
Digital zoom x2, x4, x8
Field of View, ° 6.2 х 4.7
Field of view, m for 100 m 10.9 х 8.2
Focus adjustment Manual, auto
Human detection range, m 2450
Human recognition range, m 650
Human identification range, m 330
Sight mode/Ballistics 
Maximum shooting range, m 2000
Data base for 8 types of rifles (barrels) +
Data base for 3 types of ammo per each bar- rel +
Integrated ballistic calculator +
Table ballistic calculator +
Automatic reticle correction under range, elevation and atmospheric parameters (temperature, air pressure, humidity) +
Wind forecast +
Calculation of scope corrections +
Thermal sensor
Thermal imager type Uncooled microbolometer
Pixel pitch 17 μm
Spectral band 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Frame rate 50 Hz
Lens sensitivity f/1.0 < 50mK
Monochrome and colour pallets +, 12 modes
Thermal imager calibration Auto, by closing a lens cover / no calibration
Laser rangefinder
Laser wavelength, nm 905 / 1550 (optional)
Distance measurement range, m 10-5000
Distance measurement accuracy, m 1
Calculation of the true range to a target (in- cluding elevation values) +
Rangefinder reticle adjustment via display +
Display type OLED
Resolution 800х600
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/ g/ n
Bluetooth +
2.4 GHz Radio interface +
Additional functions 
Micro SD +, up to 32 GB
Built-in flash memory Not available
Audio, video, photo recording +
Reading of micro SD and flash memory data via USB +
Integrated software update via USB and micro SD +
Stream video transmission via Wi-Fi +
Setup and control via Wi-Fi +
Connection to auxiliary devices (a remote control, a weather station, etc) via radio +
Parameter profiles +, 5
Parameter setup with the IR&D Software +
Shortcut menu +
Navigation +
Determination of shooter and target coordinates +
Picture-in-picture feature +
Target gauge +
Video recording modes Manual, by a shot sensor, by a motion sensor
Power saving modes +
Built-in motion sensor +
Screen brightness adjustment by a lighting sensor +
Image digital gyro stabilization (in a surveillance mode) +
System settings
Device activation time 15 seconds maximum
Self-contained operational time > 4 hours (at 0°С)
Battery 2x CR123A+3х 18650
External power input +
Voltage range, V 12 ± 0.3
Integrated sensors 
Shot +
Steady state +
Free fall +
Lighting +
Elevation +
Roll +
Temperature +
Air pressure +
Relative humidity +
Off-timer +
GLONASS module +
Compass +
Gyroscope +
Physical parameteres
Operating temperature range -40°C … +65°C
Casing rate IP66
Casing material Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Dimensions, mm 270.6×100.1×105.2
Weight (without batteries), g 980

TERA plus


  • Compatible with high-magnification scopes;
  • Robust Weaver rail fixing mechanism;
  • No need for any zeroing adjustment of the scope after removal followed by fixation of the clip-on device;
  • Works well with large calibers (338 LM);
  • Clip-on device stream video and telemetric data transport via Wi-Fi on- line, including reflection of the reticle onto iOS, Android gadgets (smart- phones, tablets);
  • Integrated high-selective rangefinder including fog, dust storm and other severe conditions modes across the entire range from 5 through 2000 m;
  • Integrated ballistic calculator sets the number of the scope knob clicks, depending on the measured distance the scope is aligned with.
  • Hit point display on the standard reticle of the scope, which is calculated according to the weapon or ammo ballistic data, atmosphere, wind, drift, and Coriolis effect.
  • Device presetting and control using IR&D Software application designed for smartphones and tablets (iOS / Android gadgets);
  • Ballistic data base optimized for three ammo per each of eight rifles (every time the sighting system is reinstalled to a different weapon, it suffices to select the earlier rifle and ammo profile);
  • Connection of wireless accessories via telemetric radio channel:
    • Wristband remote control and signaling unit (optional)
    • Windmaster weather station by IR&D equipped with ultrasound wind speed and direction meter, and air pressure, temperature and humidity sensor (no wind vane or impeller)
    • Kestrel meter (optional)
    • Bluetooth-set for a voice guide through operational modes and calculations (optional)
  • Integrated shot, steady state, roll, elevation, and free fall sensors, 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer;
  • Scoring of shots for every cartridge and rifle;
  • Automatic target dimensions measurement function: supports the mode of high-accuracy determination of linear dimensions of a warm-blooded target in case of ranging with the rangefinder (only if the rangefinder is available – optional);
  • Integrated GPS global navigational satellite system and electronic compass;
  • Mobile application for iOS / Android smartphones or tablets designed for target positioning data and their electronic mapping (optional);
  • Automatic target positioning calculation (in terms of range, elevation  angle,  azimuth  and  shooter’s position);
  • Navigational service   including   target   hit routing;
  • Motion detection: any warm-blooded target detected in motion is signaled by blinking  on  the  display,  Bluetooth  voice prompt,  vibration  of  the  wristband  remote control, and IR&D warning (security function);
  • Photo and video recording, including virtual reticle  and  telemetric  data  overlapping;
  • Automatic event-contingent  video  recording: “shot” or “detected motion”, with the “before and after event” time lag setting option;
  • Automatic firing snap shots;
  • Photo and video referencing to a digital terrain map (geotagging);
  • Video streaming, including telemetric data overlapping, via WI-FI to iOS, An- droid gadgets (smartphones, tablets);
  • Variety of profiles allow integration and saving of numerous personal settings. User can swiftly select any profile best fitting his/her shooting conditions (time of day, weather, terrain);
  • Auxiliary power source (optional). Independent software updates via the manufacturer’s site (new functions and sophisticated software);
  • Interface in English, German, French, Spanish. Customized language interface (optional);
  • Upgraded and new software customization;
  • Online servicing, consulting and training, 24/7 client support.