DEMON is a midget multi-functional thermal system was designed after over hundred IR&D thermal sight users’ preferences, suggestions and requirements have been thoroughly processed during 18 months. The device embraces over 50 requirements in terms of technical capacities, ergonomics and technical criteria!

For now, DEMON can be considered as the most enhanced thermal imaging device, a customized solution to address 99% of hunting challenges bringing to the fore the priorities like:

  • Trophy identification and recognition purposive image quality which is enabled by special thermal image processing algorithms showing your trophy clear and It gets even more visible with digital zoom;
  • High-efficient image stabilization in the surveillance mode;
  • Automatic switch between the Surveillance and Sight modes;
  • Device operating life: with the Continuous Power solution, the device is able to operate incessantly due to swiftly interchangeable battery

DEMON serves as a worm-blooded target searcher, detector, identifier and recognizing and aiming device, whether it be day or night and under any weather conditions. The system enables you to get your local position, to range the distance between you and a worm-blooded target, to avail of automatic ballistic calculation, photo and video record- ing, and to receive and transmit any data via wireless interfaces.

DEMON is a high-end system integrating several independent units at once:

  • thermal imaging sight;
  • thermal imaging surveillance device;
  • high-selective laser rangefinder;
  • photo and video recording unit;
  • ballistic calculator;
  • navigational system;
  • external weather station (optional).

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER a thermal imaging sight is a display of a full-blown surveillance device with image stabilization. Due to easy and noise-free mounting on a gun rail, the device switches automatically between the Surveillance and Sight modes, with the calculated ballistic data ready and the reticle already corrected.

DEMON translates into innovative design and outstanding performance data, state-of-art component capabilities and breakthrough technology. A compact damp-proof shock-resistant case made of aluminum and magnesium alloy houses a sensitive thermal imaging high- resolution core, an ARM-based processor, a high-selective laser range- finder, a ballistic calculator, a GPS module, a 3-axis gyroscope and an accelerometer, an electronic compass, and remote control, communication and data transmission interfaces.

DEMON is on trend this year! Equipped with this device, you are going to relish your hunting where the miss is never going to happen! This device is supposed to think for you since it embodies the mind and ideas of genuine hunters!

Optical system
Lens 50 mm f/1.25 50 mm f/1.25
Optical zoom x2, x4, x8, x16, х32 х3, х6, х12, х24
Field of view, ° 12,42 х 9,33 7,47х 5,61
Field of view, m for 100 m 21,76 х 16,32 13,06 х 9,8
Munimum click value, mm for 100m 1,7 2
Focus adjustment Manual Manual
Human detection range, m 1500 1500
Human recognition range, m 380 380
Human identification range, m 190 190
Sight mode/Ballistics
Maximum shooting range, m 1200 1200
Data base for 8 types of rifles (barrels) + +
Data base for 3 types of ammo per each barrel + +
Integrated ballistic calculator + +
Table ballistic calculator + +
Automatic reticle correction under range, elevation and atmospheric parameters (temperature, air pressure, humidity) +, atmospheric parameters are entered manualy or received from an external weather station +, atmospheric parameters are entered manualy or received from an external weather station
Wind forecast + +
One-shot zeroing + +
Zeroing range selection (10-300 m) + +
Reticle type and brightness selection + +
Thermal sensor
Thermal imager type Uncooled microbolometer Uncooled microbolometer
Resolution 640×480 384×288
Pixel pitch 17 μm 17 μm
Spectral band 7.5 – 13.5 μm 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Frame rate 50 Hz 50 Hz
Lens sensitivity f/1.0 < 60 mK < 60 mK
Monochrome and colour pallets +, 12 modes +, 12 modes
Thermal imager calibration No calibration No calibration
Laser wavelength, nm 905 / 1550 905 / 1550
Distance measurement range, m 10-5000 10-5000
Distance measurement accuracy, m 1 1
Calculation of the true range to a target (including elevation values) + +
Rangefinder reticle adjustment via display + +
Display type OLED OLED
Resolution 800х600 800х600
Eye relief 60 mm 60 mm
Diopter setup ±3 diopters ±3 diopters
USB microUSB microUSB
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth + +
2.4 GHz Radio interface + +
Additional functions
Integrated flash memory +, 4 GB +, 4 GB
Video, photo recording + +
Reading of micro SD and flash memory data via USB + +
Integrated software update via USB and micro SD + +
Stream video transmission via Wi-Fi + +
Setup and control via Wi-Fi + +
Connection to auxiliary devices (a remote control, a weather station, etc) via radio + +
Parameter profiles +, 5 +, 5
Parameter setup with the IR&D software + +
Shortcut menu + +
Navigation + +
Determination of shooter and target coordinates + +
Picture-in-picture feature + +
Target gauge + +
Video recording modes Manual, by a shot sensor, by a motion sensor Manual, by a shot sensor, by a motion sensor
Power saving modes + +
Built-in motion sensor + +
Screen brightness adjustment by a lighting sensor + +
System settings
Device activation time 15 seconds maximum 15 seconds maximum
Self-contained operational time > 2 hours (at 0°С) > 2 hours (at 0°С)
Battery 2x CR123A or 2х 16340 2x CR123A or 2х 16340
External power input + +
Voltage range, V 5 ± 0.3 5 ± 0.3
Integrated sensors
Shot + +
Steady state + +
Proximity + +
Free fall + +
Lighting + +
Elevation + +
Roll + +
Air pressure
Relative humidity
Off-timer + +
GLONASS module + +
Compass + +
Gyroscope + +
Physical parameters
Operating temperature range -45°C … +65°C -45°C … +65°C
Casing rate IP66 IP66
Casing material Aluminum-magnesium alloy Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Dimensions, mm 215 x 63 x 65 215 x 63 x 65
Weight (without batteries and bracket), g 440 440



  • High-selective rangefinder operating in the conditions of a semi-transparent obstacle, foggy environment or in a dust storm and other complicated conditions across the entire range from 10 to 5000 m;
  • External auxiliary power unit (innovative wireless power unit connection solution enabling a quick and easy operating time extension capability);
  • Automatic bullet external ballistic data calculations across the 1200-meter range;
  • Reticle center shooting: automatic crosshair position correction with due account of:
    • Target range;
    • Elevation angle;
    • Air pressure, temperature and humidity;
    • Wind direction and force;
  • Bullet ballistic date, drift and Coriolis effect.
  • Ballistic data base and zeroing information for three ammo per each of eight rifles (every time the sighting system is reinstalled to a different weapon, it suffices to select the earlier rifle and ammo profile);
  • Scoring of shots for every single ammo and rifle;
  • Reticle type selection;
  • One-shot zeroing mode;
  • Zeroing correction mode: click values election by zooming (smallest value with maximum zoom);
  • Innovative aiming mode enabling erratic moving target shooting with the image stabilized;
  • Front Focus software: the reticle and target are magnified simultaneously when zooming, that enables to, using the reticle in MIL/MOA:
    • Correct your shooting by the moving aiming point adjustment;
    • Define the distance to the target, given the target angle dimensions (with the rangefinder passive);
    • Size up the target, given the range.
  • Target size up: once the distance to the target is measured or entered, with any zoom value, using a graphic ruler, it enables you to visually make out your target accurate linear dimensions, without any mathematical calculations;
  • Automatic target size up: enables to size up accurate linear dimensions of a warm-blooded target, given the rangefinder ranging;
  • Manual focus adjustment;
  • Variety of profiles allows integration and saving of numerous personal User can swiftly select any profile best fitting his/her shooting conditions (time of day, weather, terrain);
  • Integrated sensors: elevation, roll, shot, steady state, freefall, eye, lighting, 3-axis gyroscope, and accelerometer;
  • Image stabilization in the surveillance mode (shaking hands, moving vehicle);
  • Photo and video recording, including telemetric data overlapping;
  • Automatic event-contingent video recording: “shot” or “detected motion”, with the “pre- and post-event” time lag setting option;
  • Automatic firing snap shots;
  • Photo and video referencing to a digital terrain map (geotagging);
  • Motion detection: any warm-blooded target detected in motion is signaled by blinking on the display, Bluetooth voice prompt, vibration of the wristband re- mote control, and IR&D warning (security function);
  • PIP/inversion PIP (picture-in-picture) enables comfortable aiming, with any zoom available, and simultaneous control of the field of view on the panoramic view display (electronic red dot sight), observation of the whole field of view on the general display and accurate aiming at convenient zoom value against the smaller display;
  • Integrated GPS global navigational satellite system and electronic compass;
  • Automatic target position calculation (in terms of range, elevation angle, azimuth and shooter’s position);
  • Navigational service including target hit routing;
  • Special-purpose communication interfaces integrate the device with alternative IR&D sighting systems;
  • Video streaming, including telemetric data overlapping, via WI-FI to iOS, An- droid gadgets (smartphones, tablets);
  • Device presetting and control using IR&D Software application designed for smartphones and tablets (iOS / Android gadgets);
  • In-house brackets are proprietary; robust mounting properties for any integrated weapon; no recurrent zeroing – optional;
  • In-house brackets or alternative brackets as adaptive solution to fit a weapons variety;
  • Connection of wireless accessories via telemetric radio channel:
    • IR&D wristband remote control and signaling unit – optional;
    • IR&D Windmaster weather station equipped with ultrasound wind speed and direction meter, and air pressure, temperature and humidity sensor (wind vane or impeller-free);
    • Kestrel meter – optional;
    • Helmet wireless displays – optional;
    • Bluetooth set for a voice guide through operational modes and calculations (optional).
  • Independent software updates via the manufacturer’s site (new functions and sophisticated software);
  • Upgraded and new software customization;
  • Interface in English, German, French, Spanish. Customized language interface (optional);
  • Online servicing, consulting and training, 24/7 client support.