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WINDMASTER 2 is a weather station designed for air flow direction and velocity

measuring as well as ambient temperature, relative humidity, and air pressure and can be used to transmit data to sighting systems to implement corrections during shooting sessions.

External influence protection system allows to use the device in adverse weather conditions and its anodized

coating provides a durable usage and easy housing cleaning likewise.

The device is powered by a 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Wind speed measurement + Temperature measurement accuracy, °C ±1
Wind speed measuring range, m/sec 0-40 Relative humidity measurement +
Wind speed measurement accuracy, m/sec ±0.5 Humidity measuring range, %RH 0-100
Wind direction measurement + Humidity measurement accuracy, %RH ±3
Wind direction measuring range, ° 0-359 Air pressure measurement +
Wind direction measurement accuracy, ° ±1 Air pressure measuring range, mbar 260-1260
Ambient temperature measurement + Air pressure measurement accuracy, mbar ±1
Temperature measuring range, °C -40…+65
Communication Interfaces
Radio interface 2.4 GHz + Bluetooth +
System Parameters
Battery life >48 hours (at 0°C) Battery Type Li-ion 36v 18650
Built-in electronic compass +
Physical Parameters
Operating temperature range -40°C …+65°C Dimensions, mm Ø68 x 149
Protection rating IP67 Weight (without batteries), g 346
Housing material Aluminum and magnesium alloy/B95, Polyoxymethylene (POM)


  • Compatible with all IR&D devices;
  • No rotating parts and other vulnerable mechanical structure elements;
  • No need for its field orientation before use;
  • Ultra-compact;
  • Low power consumption (not more than 100 mW);
  • Lightweight, rugged and portable;
  • Anti-corrosion coating;
  • Integrated compass allows metering a wind direction automatically;
  • Data transfer via a telemetric radio channel and Bluetooth.