LYNX – portable multifunctional thermal clip-on, designed for civil or military purposes and can be mounted onto optical sight or any types of small arms and provides:

  • Detection, recognition, identification and aiming of the unsheltered, camouflaged or partially concealed behind the barrier targets at day, night, rain, snow, fog, high humidity, heat and other weather conditions
  • Target range measurements through the translucent barrier, in fog, dust-storm and in other adverse weather conditions ( optional);
  • Ballistic calculations, taking into account range and elevation angle, atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity, ballistic characteristics of selected ammunition (in “sight”mode);
  • Terrain orientation, navigation, target coordinates determination;
  • Automatic photo and video recording;
  • Remote control;

LYNX – multitask sight system, functional and operational capabilities offers an opportunity to use it as several separate devices:

  • Thermal clip-on for an optical daylight sight;
  • Thermal clip-on for Red-dot sight;
  • Standalone thermal sight;
  • Thermal surveillance device;
  • Navigation device.

LYNX – is a modern hi-tech element base of the block of the electronic unit and advanced functional capabilities. Thermal imaging sensor, Linux OS based computer, ballistic calculator, GPS module, 3axis gyro sensor, G meter, electronic compass, interfaces of remote control, communications and data transfer are integrated into minimal size and weight shockproof and waterproof aluminum-magnesium alloy case.

LYNX mounts directly onto optical sight by using of special adapter or supplied with precision quick-detachable bracket for installation on the Picatinny bar.

Easy handling, universal and multifunctional LYNX is perfectly suitable for hunters and militaries as system red-dot sight/clip-on, optical sight/clip-on, and also standalone as a thermal sight or surveillance device.

Optical system
Lens 35 mm f/1.5
Optical zoom x1
Digital zoom x2, x4, x8
Field of view, 0 8,9 х 6,7
Field of view, m for 100 m 15,5 x 11,7
Focus adjustment Not available
Human detection range, m 1140
Human recognition range, m 280
Human identification range, m 142
Sight functions/ballistics
Maximum ballistics calculation range, m 600
Data base for 8 types of rifles (barrels) Available
Data base for 3 types of ammo per each barrel Available
Integrated ballistic calculator Available
Table ballistic calculator Available
Automatic reticle correction under range, elevation, and atmospheric parameters (temperature, air pressure, humidity) Available, atmospheric parameters are entered manualy or received from an external weather station
Wind forecast Not available
Scope correction calculation Available
Thermal core
Thermal imager type Uncooled microbolometer
Pixel pitch 17 µm
Spectral band 7.5 – 13.5 µm
Frame rate 9 Hz
Lens sensitivity f/1.0 < 50 mК
Monochrome and colour palletes Available, 12 modes
Thermal imager calibration By a lens cover
Rangefinder assembly
Connection to an external rangefinder unit (via a radio channel)  Available
Resolution 800х600
Communication interfaces
USB micro USB
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Available
2.4 GHz Radio interface Available
Auxiliary functions
MicroSD  Not available
Integrated flash memory Available, 4 GB
Video, photo recording Available
Reading of micro SD and flash memory data via USB Available
Integrated software update via USB and micro SD Not available
Stream video transmission via Wi-Fi Available
Setup and control via Wi-Fi Available
Connection to auxiliary devices (a remote control, a weather station, etc) via radio Available
Parameter profiles Available, 5
Parameter setup with the IR&D software Available
Shortcut menu Available
Navigation Available
Determination of shooter and target coordinates Available
Target gauge Not available
Video recording modes Manual, by a shot sensor, by a motion sensor
Power saving modes Available
Built-in motion sensor Available
Screen brightness adjustment by a lighting sensor Not available
Image digital gyro stabilization  (in a surveillance mode) Available
System parameters
Device activation time 15 seconds maximum
Self-contained operational time >2 hours (at 0°С)
Battery 2x CR123A
External power input Not available
Voltage range, V Optional (5 ± 0.3)
Integrated sensors
Shot Available
Steady state Available
Free Fall Available
Lighting Not available
Elevation Available
Roll Available
Temperature Not available
Air pressure Not available
Relative humidity Not available
Off-timer Available
GLONASS module Available
Compass Available
Gyroscope Available
Physical parameters
Operating temperature range -40°С… +65° С
Casing rate IP66
Casing material Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Dimensions, mm 114,4 x 63 x 51
Weight (without batteries), g 182



In surveillance mode:

  • Image stabilization in surveillance mode (hand tremor, moving transport);

In clip-on mode:

  • Low weight excludes the possibility of the brackets damaging of optical sight by clip-on;
  • Can be set up on the optical and red-dot sights with zoom from x1 and above;
  • There is no need to correct optical sight zeroing after removing and re-installing the clip-on;
  • Online video and image streaming from clip-on and telemetric information with reticle displaying via WI-FI to iOS, Android devices (smartphones, tablets);

In sight mode:

  • One-shot zeroing mode;
  • Zeroing correction mode – selection of the click value by zoom changing; (minimal click value at maximal zoom);
  • Counting of number of shots for each ammunition and rifle;
  • Ballistic database and zeroing information for three ammunition for each of eight rifles; (just select pre-saved profile of rifle and ammunition when reinstalling of sighting system to another rifle);
  • Automatic calculation of the bullet’s exterior ballistics at the distance up to 300 meters;
  • Shooting by the center of reticle – auto correction of reticle position considering:
    • Target range;
    • Elevation angle;
    • Atmospheric pressure, temperature and air humidity;
    • Ballistic data of the bullet;
  • Innovation aiming mode , which provides user with ability to fire on moving target from volatile position when image is stabilized;
  • “Front Focus” software modeling – reticle scales synchronously with target at zoom changing, which provides by using of the MIL/MOA reticle:
    • set corrections when aiming-off at a moving target;
    • determine distance to a target knowing target’s angular dimensions (without using of the rangefinder);
    • determine target dimension at known distance.


  • Supports all calibres;
  • Incredible field of view – 15,5 meters/100 meters;
  • IR&D high-selective rangefinder operation modes: with translucent barrier, fog, dust-storm and other adverse weather conditions at distances range from 6 to 2000 meters (optional);
  • Built-in sensors: shot, rest, tilt and elevation angle, free fall, eye, 3-axis gyro sensor and G meter;
  • Automatic target size measurement function – provides an opportunity to determine linear dimensions of a thermal target through the process of range measuring by the rangefinder; (presence of the rangefinder is required (optional));
  • Built-in GPS module and electronic compass;
  • iOS / Android application for smartphone or tablet for target coordinates calculation and its displaying at the electronic map (option);
  • Automatic calculation of target coordinates (by range, elevation angle, azimuth and device’s coordinates);
  • Navigation service with routing to position of hitting a target;
  • Motion detection – when motion of a thermal contrast target is detected, shooter is notified by the indication on the screen or sound notification to Bluetooth headset and vibration of IR&D remote control (wristband) (security alert);
  • Photo and video recording with virtual reticle and telemetric information overlaying;
  • Automatic video recording by event: «shot», « motion detection» with capability to set recording time frame before and after event;
  • Automatic photo recording at the time of shot;
  • Matching of a recorded photo and video to the digital terrain map (geotagging);
  • Video streaming with telemetric information overlaying via WI-FI to iOS, Android devices (smartphones, tablets);
  • Profiles – joins and saves numerous of personal settings. User can quickly select most suitable profile to the firing conditions (time of day, weather, landscape);
  • Own-produced brackets have patented design and provide stable repeatability of installation on a sight or rifle, additional zeroing not required (optional);
  • Open red-dot sight attaching point (additional aiming tool);
  • Additional power-supply unit (optional);
  • Connection of the wireless accessories by using of the telemetric radio channel:
    • IR&D remote control (wristband) (optional);
    • IR&D Windmaster meteorological station with ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor, pressure, temperature and humidity sensor (without vane and impeller);
    • Kestrel meteorological station;
    • Bluetooth headset for voice guidance about operating modes and results of calculations (optional);
    • Helmet-mounted monitors (optional);
  • Rangefinder hunting detector (optional);
  • «Friend-or-foe» system (optional);
  • Backup of the database to internal memory of the device;
  • Adjustment and operating of the device by using of IR&D Software application for smartphones and tablets (iOS / Android);
  • Ability of independent software update from the manufacturer’s site (developing of new functions and software);
  • English, German, French and Spanish interface in. Ability of any language support by the customer’s request (optional) is provided:
  • Ability to finish writing and creation of a new functionality by technical specifications of the customer;
  • On-line service, advisory support and training, twenty-four-hour support for the customers.