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SHADOW 3D is multifunctional thermal 3D glasses creating a familiar to an eye three-dimensional image which guarantees a high level of comfort in the conduct of surveillance, search, orientation and movement on the ground at any time in difficult weather conditions.

Thermal 3D glasses are designed for military or civilian use and meet the most stringent standards. The ability to easily detect any thermal object in adverse conditions such as fog, rain, snow, dust veil, hurricanes, blizzards, natural or artificial smoke, allows applying the device in the search and rescue operations, detection and elimination of fires, in the course of recovery work after natural disasters, in border security, in maritime and ground patrols, in military and special forces operations, in special law enforcement operations. Easy to use, ergonomic, compact thermal 3D glasses are also ideal for home use, observing wildlife, outdoor activities and hunting.

SHADOW 3D is a modern high-tech component-based electronic unit and advanced functionality in a single compact device. With minimal dimensions and weight, a shockproof housing comprises following integral parts and elements: two highly sensitive passive receiver of a far-infrared range with a resolution of 640×480 pixels, two mini-OLED display with a resolution of 800×600 pixels, two high-quality lens, a computer with a Linux operating system, atmospheric sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity), electronic compass, 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, GPS module, interfaces for remote control, communication and data transmission, controls.

SHADOW 3D is a central device for integrating the IR&D products. Latest multimedia data monitoring and control interfaces allow streaming images on devices with an iOS / Android platform, sending and receiving a streaming image with the imposition of telemetric information from the IR&D surveillance devices and sighting systems, text messages in the group, photos and videos, their own coordinates and coordinates of the detected targets with a reference to digital maps. The device is equipped with an interface for remote control of the IR&D surveillance devices and sighting systems. Special interfaces for communication and data transmission for IR&D devices provide effective connection and high efficiency in the interaction of either a separate working pair, or units equipped with a multifunctional 3D SHADOW complex.

3D SHADOW is a multifunctional device which combines an autonomous surveillance device, helmet-mounted target designation and display system, monitoring and planning tool, communication and control device. However, what truly impresses is a natural stereoscopic effect and depth perception when you put on 3D glasses for the first time. The effect is the same as if you are watching a 3D movie! The familiar three-dimensional image, instant visual identification of objects which are closer and which are farther, comfortable prolonged observation since you are using both eyes.

Small size and weight, excellent ergonomics, easy use, flexibility and multi-tasking, wearing glasses 3D SHADOW, you will always be one step ahead.

Optical system  
Lens 19 mm f/1.25
Optical system zoom x2, x4, x8
Field of view, ° 32 х 26
Field of view, m for 100 m / yd for 109 yd 57,3 х 46,2 / 62,7 x 50,3
Focusing Manual
Human detection range, m/yd 640 / 700
Human recognition range, m/yd 160 / 175
Human identification range, m/yd 80 / 87
Thermal sensor
Type uncooled microbolometer
Resolution 2 х 640 x 480
Pixel size 17 μm
Spectral range 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Frame rate PAL/NTSC, Hz 8.3/7.5; 25/30; 50/60
NEdT, F1.0 < 50 mK
Monochrome and colour palletes Yes, 12 modes
Sensor calibration Auto, by a lens cap
Connection of an external rangefinder (via a radio channel) +
Display type OLED
Display resolution 2 х 800 х 600
Eye relief 30 mm
Diopter adjustment
USB microUSB
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth +
Radio interface, 2.4 GHz +
Additional functions  
Memory card microSD Yes, up to 32 Gb
Internal flash memory
Audio, video, photo recording +
Data reading of a microSD or internal memory via USB +
Firmware upgrade via USB, microSD +
Streaming video transmission via Wi-Fi +
Setting and control via Wi-Fi +
Connection of additional devices (remote, wind station, etc.) via a radio channel +
Profile settings +
Setting via IR&D software +
Quick menu +
Target size measurement +
Self location and target location on the integrated map +
Picture in picture mode +
Target size measurement +
Video recording modes Per motion detection, manually
Integrated motion detector +
Automatic display brightness correction +
Digital image gyrostabilization +
System settings  
 Switch-on time <15 seconds
Battery life >8 hours (at 0°С)
Battery type 4 х 18650
Input for an external power supply +
Range of the external power supply voltage, V 10 – 24
Integrated sensors list
Rest sensor +
Free fall Sensor +
Light sensor +
Elevation sensor +
Roll angle sensor +
Temperature sensor +
Pressure sensor +
Humidity sensor +
Switch-off timer +
GPS module +
Digital compass +
Gyroscope +
Physical parameters
Operating temperature range -40°С… +65° С
Ingress protection rating (Waterproof) IP66
Housing material Aluminum-magnesium alloy


  • Wireless connection to the intelligence alarm, the IR&D surveillance devices, as well as the IR&D sighting systems with the image output from the devices to the eyepiece of the glasses for aimed fire from behind cover;
  • GPS module and electronic compass provides for fast and accurate navigation at the location. The display shows maps and plans indicating the device’s location. A GPS tracker feature is also implemented;
  • Integration with the IR&D all-weather tactical “friend or foe” identification system. When the ‘friend or foe’ system identification beacon is in the glasses’ field of view information about belonging and state of soldier, cargo or equipment appears on the eyepiece’s display (optional);
  • System for detection of irradiation by rangefinders for military and civilian use. This feature allows force structures specialists to determine if they were detected by the enemy. When the device is in the range of detection by the rangefinder alarming information appears in the eyepiece’s display (optional);
  • Image stabilization in the surveillance mode (moving on foot, moving vehicles);
  • Motion detection – when a moving thermal targets is detected the system notifies the operator with an alert on the display, a sound signal via a Bluetooth headset and vibration of the hand remote for control and alarm (security function);
  • Target size measurement function – after entering the distance to the target at any magnification, with the help of a graphic line, it allows you to visually determine the linear dimensions of the target with high accuracy and without mathematical calculations;
  • PIP (Picture in Picture) allows you to comfortably observe at any magnification and simultaneously control the entire field of view in the panoramic view of the screen (electronic collimator);
  • The application for an iOS / Android smartphone or tablet to calculate the target coordinates and display them on an electronic map (optional);
  • Automatic calculation of target coordinates (distance, elevation, azimuth and coordinates of the device’s location);
  • The navigation service giving directions to a specified point;
  • Set of profiles integrates and saves numerous personal settings. Users quickly select a profile that best suits the conditions (time of day, weather, landscape);
  • Connection of wireless accessories via telemetry radio:
  • The IR&D wrist control and alert remote (optional);
  • The IR&D Windmaster weather station with an ultrasonic method for measuring wind speed and direction (without a weathervane and impeller), with sensors of pressure, temperature and humidity (optional);
  • Kestrel weather station (optional);
  • Bluetooth-headset for voice guidance of the operating modes and calculation results (optional);
  • Targeting tools (optional);
  • The “friend or foe” system (optional);
  • Rangefinder irradiation detector (option);
  • Streaming video with imposition of telemetric information via WI-FI on smartphones and tablets (iOS / Android platform);
  • Transmission of video, photos, text information, terrain maps showing the device’s location on any device with iOS/ Android operating system (smart phones, tablet and laptop computers and others.), as well as all IR&D devices. This feature is useful for coordinating Special Forces groups;
  • 3D thermal image;
  • Ventilation of the eyepiece against fogging;
  • Built-in high-performance computer with an OS Linux and graphics accelerator;
  • IP66 protection;
  • Features modification and new features development according to customer’s specifications;
  • Interface support in English. Upon a customer’s request, the customer support of any language can be provided (optional);
  • Service, consulting and training, 24 hour customer support.




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